The story

Crystal sees its mission quite simply as striving to make colloidal minerals of the highest possible quality available to those who use these minerals. The overarching and fundamental point of departure in this regard is not making

profit from these products but rather providing the highest level of quality assurance for the users of colloidal minerals in general.

This also defines the most important mainspring driving the company. The spiritual quest to make the highest level of quality available to users of colloidal silver means that the Crystal Company itself has no choice but to continue searching for colloidal silver of the highest possible quality. It should therefore come as no surprise that the colloidal products supplied by Crystal are of the best possible quality.

The beginning

Crystal was established several years ago by Loek Stroeken, although the word “established” is perhaps not the right word to describe the birth of the company in Loek’s perspective. He sees it more as a task that has been assigned to him. The origin of Crystal reminds one of the classic literary theme of transformation and change, over which all the great writers have written, including Tolstoy, Hugo, Dostoevsky, and

Chekhov. In their novels, the main character arrives at a point in his life where, due to circumstances, his life takes a turn of 180°. The main character somehow comes to see things in a different light, and from that crucial moment onwards becomes a different person.

The year 1998

In 1998, Loek has already had a career spanning 24 years as a very successful scientist within the chemical company DSM. He has achieved great results, not only financially but also in his chosen discipline, and his whole life revolves around his work and the luxury he is able to permit himself and his family. But apparently he still feels something is missing in his life, and he starts to look for something deeper and follows a course in Neurolinguistic Programming. Then, one evening in 1998, returning home on his motorcycle from a session of Neurolinguistic Programming, something happens that changes his life completely and forever. On the motorway, his motorcycle is hit from behind at full speed, and Loek is left lying on the road seriously injured.

The change

After a lengthy period of rehab and recovery that follows, it soon becomes apparent that the accident has also had a serious impact on Loek’s inner being. His always carefree and easy go lucky attitude has changed as well as his outlook on life, and this change has dramatic consequences. Within a year, his relationship with his wife falls apart, his relationship with his son Mike and daughter Franny becomes very tense, and he loses his job

The passion

The emptiness that seems to surround him leads to his becoming a member of the Dutch Zero point energy group, where he comes across colloidal silver for the first time in his life.

Initially, it arouses his interest as a scientist, but his scientific interest is soon replaced by a more spiritually driven passion, namely that colloidal silver, in particular its effect on human health, can be of great significance to humanity in general. His initial enthusiasm is driven by his own experiences in that regard, but this enthusiasm is soon confirmed and strengthened by his professional history and ability as a chemist to also explain the beneficial effects of high-quality colloidal silver from a scientific perspective.

Only the best

Once it becomes clear to Loek that his mission in life is to make colloidal silver of the highest possible quality available on a broad scale, a great sense of inner peace and calm takes hold of him.

Passionate and driven by his mission, he soon gets done to work. Using his scientific knowledge and specialized equipment purchased in the US, he tries to make colloidal silver in his basement. When these attempts do not lead to the desired results, he stops. But some time later, an energy therapist crosses his path. During their sessions, the therapist tells Loek that it’s time for him to return to his quest for colloidal silver, and Loek returns to his quest more passionate and driven than ever. The name Crystal is born, originating in his NLP period, when people who talked with Loek indicated that he was able to provide them with clarity during their talks.

The change

For a time, the new path he has chosen does not seem clear at all and is marked primarily by disappointments. His family turns its back on the ‘mad scientist’ whose product nobody wants to buy, whose equipment breaks down, and who cannot find a bank willing to finance him. But his inner passion and belief are so strong that Loek is driven to search further for solutions.

After a great deal of research and further development, he finally succeeds in making a product that satisfies the high quality standards that Crystal is aiming for. During this period, in spite of all the disappointments and obstacles, his feeling that this is his chosen path only becomes stronger. Looking back, he now says, ‘I think that everything in my past brought me to this point, including my accident and my time with DSM.

That’s why I know everything there is to know about this product, as if I was being prepared for this task.’

But although Loek’s drive and passion to make the benefits of colloidal silver available to as many people as possible only seem to grow stronger, it also looks like these same people are intent on resisting his best efforts during Crystal’s starting period. During this period, as a result of the continuous stream of negative comments in the press about colloidal silver and the sceptical attitude of other scientists and the public as a whole, Loek becomes somewhat bitter. In Loek’s own words, ‘At times, I felt quite bitter towards humanity. The feeling became so strong that I thought to myself, “I hope you choke on it.” But I had to keep going. I simply had no choice.’

The mission

Continuing on the same path, means being on a mission rather than simply making a commercial choice. For Loek, making colloidal minerals of the highest possible quality available is still more important than any commercial profit to be gained by his Crystal product.

Quality is the most important benchmark for Crystal in its mission. Due to this almost obsessive passion for quality, the colloidal products provided by Crystal itself are of the highest possible quality. ‘If I come across a company tomorrow that can supply a higher quality of colloidal silver, then I will immediately tell my clients, “Go there and there,”’ explains Loek.

Much of the time and energy invested by Loek in Crystal is therefore devoted to providing information about colloidal silver and its high quality by giving presentations and lectures.

For Loek, the path entered with Crystal is a spiritual one. It’s not really about producing colloidal silver. For him, that is simply a scientific process. For Loek, the spiritual aspect is embedded in the choice to provide only the highest possible quality. Choosing quality is a spiritual choice in itself. ‘It’s a spiritual task for people to choose, day in and day out, for quality in their lives. This means simply doing everything you do with awareness and mindfulness.’


In 2016 a new phase will start in the life of Loek Stroeken in which he will focus his thoughts on his pension and in which he will continue his further life in the areas of spirituality and quality of life. From this period Loek will be looking for a passionate successor for Crystal Colloïdals. 2018 is the date on which this new life phase will be given form.

His life motto is and remains: spirituality = strive for quality at all times!


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