Quality is a word that is open to many different interpretations. Especially when it is measured through personal preferences.

For Crystal, however, there is only one criterion for quality: quality must be measurable. Hard and clear as glass, in unwavering numbers.

Het jaar 1998

Quality research Hogeschool Zuyd

Dutch suppliers of colloidals were analyzed and compared by the Hogeschool Zuyd.Hogeschool Zuyd did a quality investigation of colloidal silver, silver cream and colloidal gold with a dozen Dutch colloidal silver and gold suppliers.

Below you can read some conclusions from the report about colloidal silver and gold suppliers.

Conclusions report silver

  1. Only Crystal delivers a product where the specified concentration of silver and the measured concentration of silver match.

  2. If we assume that a colloidal silver product should consist of more than 50% colloidal particles and less than 50% ionic silver, Crystal is the only supplier that provides colloidal silver.

  3. The specified particle size of the product is only guaranteed by Crystal and it is way smaller than the particle size of the other suppliers.

Conclusions report Gold

  1. The products that came on top from this study are the colloidal gold products from the manufacturers Crystal, De stralende zon and Multiwave Healing.

  2. Manufacturers Crystal and Multiwave Healing fulfill their specified values.

  3. The manufacturers who have specified values but do not fulfill are: Cruydhof, N.G.C. Energy Healing b.v. and Totaal Balans.

  4. The manufacturers who have specified particle size, but fail to fulfill are: Meditech Europe and Natuurlijk mineral.

Crystal vs other suppliers

Below you will find an overview of the difference in effective surface area (also referred to as total surface area) between Crystal and other suppliers.

The concentration of a substance in a product says nothing about how effective the product actually is. For example, if a liquid product has a concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million or mg/l) silver and that silver is present in the form of a single square particle, then the effective surface area of the silver present in 1 litre is only 6 mm², and it will have no effect whatsoever.

However, if the same square cube of silver is divided into particles with a diameter of 0,65 nanometres (billionths of a metre), then the effective surface area will be 7.1 m² divided over 5.6 billion billion particles, each of which does its work.

As Professor Gibbs remarked: The size of the particle is crucial when it comes to determining the effect of colloidal substances.

For detailed information on effective surface area, please visit our knowledge centre.

You may also want to read through the book written by Prof. Gibbs for more insight into this matter.

Crystal Colloïdaal - Zilver 7,1 m2/l
Crystal Colloïdaal - Goud 2,4 m2/l
* Particle surface area in m2/l


Other suppliers under scrutiny

Below you will find an overview of the claims made by suppliers on their packaging regarding the content of their products and the results of actual measurements made by independent, certified laboratories.

On this page of our knowledge centre, you can find the analytical results of the laboratory.

The blue area of the circle shows you what you think you are buying, and the red area shows you what you are actually getting.

Specified value
Measured value
* Concentration in mg/l (ppm)

For the Laboratory report, go to the Knowledge Center.

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