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All the information provided on this website comes directly from Loek ‘the scientist’, who has used his technical expertise and background to acquire new insights into the world of colloidal minerals, step-by-step, over the past years.
The goal of this website is to give you access to our rich store of knowledge.
This knowledge will enable you to make the best possible choice for yourself when it comes to finding the very highest quality of colloidal minerals.
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Knowledge Center

Since the basic foundation for Crystal was established in 1998, an increasing number of articles have appeared in the international press on the subject of colloidal silver, colloidal gold, colloidal platinum, colloidal iridium, colloidal zinc, colloidal silica, and colloidal copper and their effect on health.Many of these reports are sceptical or even negative. At first, Crystal, via Loek Stroeken, invested a great deal of energy in refuting such reports.

In particular, Loek aimed to prove that colloidal silver and other colloidal products like colloidal gold actually do work. His drive to do so was primarily motivated by his long career as a scientist at DSM. However, by now, he is no longer driven to prove the effectiveness of colloidal silver. The new European legislation is another factor that has an impact on how Crystal makes its products known to the public and provides relevant information. The new legislation makes it almost impossible to explicitly advertise ‘alternative’ health products.

In particular, it’s impossible or almost impossible for marketing communications or information on the packaging to specify what the product does or which conditions or ailments it is effective against. At present, the most important marketing tool for Crystal is therefore to simply always deliver the highest possible quality. In addition, Loek regularly gives lectures and presentations that generate a great deal of positive publicity.

As a result of his many years of experience in working with colloidal products, Loek has acquired a wealth of knowledge about colloidal minerals, like colloidal silica, and their effect. This expertise, in combination with his track record as a scientist, has already made Crystal a company that has set the standard for the quality of colloidal silver. This standard has been confirmed and supported by a great many international studies and measurements. In that sense, Crystal is one of the leading companies in the market for the sale of colloidal minerals. With regard to the effectiveness of colloidal silver, Crystal has also acquired a wealth of positive recommendations from users who have personally benefited from the product. However, the focus has shifted more to the quality of Crystal’s products and less to their application.